Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glitter Issues in Orders Placed during/after November 2010

*I have had a few customers let me know that they are having issues with our Lid Lusters that contain glitter. I have never had a problem with my glitter before and decided to contact my supplier about it. They had changed their cosmetic glitters and they are no longer labeled as eye safe, so I have pulled the glitter shades from my line until I can reformulate them with the appropriate .004 eye safe glitter. This only affects customers who ordered after November 2010 (when I replinished my glitter supply). I am truly sorry about this and I accept full responsiblity, as I should have confirmed the continuing safety of these glitters before I reordered. Glitter Lid Lusters will be back up and for sale again starting sometime in February 2011. Thank you for giving me a chance to make this right*

As far as November/December 2010 and January 2011 (placed before 17Jan11) orders - I will do what works best for each customer.

I am offering:
1: An even exchange(s) for shades that do not contain glitter, or
2: Store credit exchanges if you would like to try a different product entirely, or
3: A refund for purchase price of the products in question, or
4: I can send the updated version of the shade(s) when they are available.

I am truely sorry about this entire situation. I am working my best to correct it so that you can have the safest, most amazing products available! =]

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