Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Product: 'The Wet Spot' Eye Lining and Foiling Serum

Have you been dying to turn your Lid Luster Eyeshadow into a liquid liner? Or maybe you're loving the 'foiled' look, but not really sure how to get it? If so, this product is for you!!!

This amazing light-weight serum will transform your Lid Luster Eyeshadows into awesome 'stay all day' liners or use it for that luscious metallic foiled look.

To use:

1. Transfer eyeshadow to a mixing surface.

2. Collect eyeshadow into a small mound and add a drop of lining/foiling serum.

3. Use mixing tool or eyeshadow brush and mix serum with eyeshadow until it forms a creamy 'paste.' If it is too dry or clumps, add more serum. If it is too watery, add more eyeshadow.

4. Pick up a small amount of cream with your eyeshadow brush and smooth it on your entire lid, smoothing out any clumps or bumps. To use as a liner - apply to lash line only.

5. Enjoy your sexy foiled eyeshadow :)

Ingredients: Distilled water, vegan glycerin, vitamin e oil

Approximately .25 fl oz

☠ All products are tested on Pin-ups, never pooches ☠

*PS - We at RockABetty Beauty love when our eyeshadow lasts all day

**Because we offer loose pigments (instead of pressed powders) and most contain shimmer/glitter - RABB recommends using an eyeshadow primer or foiling serum to intensify shades and help shimmer/glitter stick to eyelids :)

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